Memory management


static __inline__ void fmpz_poly_q_init (fmpz_poly_q_ptr rop)
static __inline__ void fmpz_poly_q_clear (fmpz_poly_q_ptr rop)

Function Documentation

static __inline__ void fmpz_poly_q_clear ( fmpz_poly_q_ptr  rop  )  [static]

Clears the element rop.

This function should only be called on an element which has been initialized.

static __inline__ void fmpz_poly_q_init ( fmpz_poly_q_ptr  rop  )  [static]

Initializes the element rop to zero.

This function should be called once for the fmpz_poly_q_ptr rop, before using it with other fmpz_poly_q functions, or following a preceeding call to fmpz_poly_q_clear().

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