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Data Structures

struct  fmpz_poly_q_struct
 Data type for a rational function over the rationals or, equivalently, the integers. More...


typedef fmpz_poly_q_struct fmpz_poly_q_t [1]
 Array of fmpz_poly_q_struct of length one.
typedef fmpz_poly_q_structfmpz_poly_q_ptr
 Pointer to fmpz_poly_q_struct.
typedef gmp_randstate_t fmpz_poly_q_randstate_t
 Random state.
typedef __gmp_randstate_struct fmpz_poly_q_randstate_struct
 Random state.


void fmpz_poly_q_canonicalize (fmpz_poly_q_ptr rop)

Typedef Documentation

Pointer to fmpz_poly_q_struct.

typedef __gmp_randstate_struct fmpz_poly_q_randstate_struct

Random state.

typedef gmp_randstate_t fmpz_poly_q_randstate_t

Random state.

Array of fmpz_poly_q_struct of length one.

This allows passing by reference without having to explicitly allocate memory for the structure, as one would have to when using pointers.

Function Documentation

void fmpz_poly_q_canonicalize ( fmpz_poly_q_ptr  rop  ) 

Transforms the element rop into canonical form.

This means that the numerator and denominator are coprime (as integer polynomials), and that the denominator has positive leading coefficient.

Assumes that the denominator of rop is non-zero.

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